Let’s have an experience of Japanese beauty by wearing Kimono!



Go out plan




(tax included)

Reservation required



Taking photos, having lunch, and visiting wherever you would like to go with wearing your favorite Kimono.


Return    Return untill 17:00

Return next day

Return untill 17:00 of next day

( additional one day fee +¥1,100 )


Offering season

Kimono Mid Sep ~ Jun
Yukata   Jul ~ Mid Sep


Photo shooting by professional photographer

( Requires a reservation untill a week before )



Approximately 150 photos

( Download URL for the photos will be sent to your email address in 1 or 2 days )

Price +16,500yen ( tax includes )







Go out plan / Studio photo plan

Kimono / Yukata

Obi ( belt ) Obishime



Back strings




Support band





Hair decorations

※ We are not offering hair arrangement or any facial make up on this service.

How to rent

1 Make a reservation


Please let us know your disired day and time by fill up the reservation form.

We are sorry that we can not take walk ins, only available with a reservation.


Reservation form👉

2 Come to the store


1st : Select your kimono/Yukata.

2nd : Coodinate with obi(belt) and obishime(accessory on the belt).

3 Enjoy your plan!


Walk around the city,have lunch,cafe etc… have a fun!

4 Return your kimono


Return untill 17:00

In case of return in next day :

Return untill 17:00 of next day

( additional one day fee +¥1,100 )



●There will be extra charge if major stain on Kimono or other items which is not removable by dry cleaning.

●There will be extra charge if the Kimono or other items are damaged beyond repair and no longer usable.